Saturday, May 26, 2007

Big picket, small picket, big picket, small picket. This long weekend we hope to be able to finish up the fence. It is looking lovely and I couldn't be more pleased. Doug finished digging all the post holes today and I've got a little over half the pickets up. Yay! "The fence" has been the anaswer to alot of questions here at the Elser house:

What'd you spend your tax refund on?

The fence.

Whatcha doin' this weekend?

Working on the fence.

What happend to your knuckles, Anne?

Banged em up on the fence.

What's for dinner, honey?

The fence.

In other news, Bjorn's second bladder stone has been confirmed and he's scheduled for surgery a week from Monday. Poor little monkey. I feel so badly for him. He's on the strictest of diets now. We'll see if that makes a difference. He'll be wearing a cone for 14 days again. I'm thinking of getting one for all of us so he feels less alone.

Feeling ever so thrifty since the arrival of MilkFace, I've decided to give growing plants from seed another whack. I think I've done it! The back porch has become a greenhouse and I'm having a blast. I have turned into a thief though. Walked into Lowes the other day looking for plants to propagate. I know. I'm bad. Very, VERY bad. I only had the guts to take an African Violet leaf that had already been severed. I mean they were going to throw it away, right? Then I took one more from its neighbor. So that's my big confession. Spank me!

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Anonymous said...

You have done an awesome job! The fence is fabulous!!