Saturday, July 15, 2006

~:2 6 • W E E K S:~ Well, the Bimp is Coming page has now been updated. We are at 26 weeks. In 2 weeks, we'll officially be over the second trimester and safely into the third, which is a huge milestone. The nurses said I had several magic numbers to make it to, 28 being the first. I already have a hard time picturing being any bigger than I already am. Mary mentioned in a recent post the importance of living in the now. This whole experience is forcing me to do that.

Tomorrow Doug goes to PC to rummage through the Elser cubby for supplies and books. We'll be setting up shop Sunday night to be ready for the students by Monday at 8:00AM. As long as I stay in one place on the couch, I should be fine.

Doug took Bjorn today to the groomer. Found the greatest little place in Dunwoody called "Robin's Groomingdales", right next to the knit shop I waste our savings on. Groomingdale's has VERY reasonable prices. He got a bath, and trim for just $20.00. Pets are People, Too charge a fortune, and they're not available every day of the week for grooming. PetsMart is expensive, too. Anyway - I'm sure I'm boring you all with these details. Honestly - I just love the opportunity to keystroke information. And to talk about my BjornMouse - WHO has has a tough time adjusting to being ignored. I have not picked him up all week and only was able to brush him twice. He's looking a little lonely. Has not had a walk in way too long. So when you guys get here - play fetch with him? Poor guy. But he looks great. Smells great. They gave him a little blue bandanna with motorcycles, lighting bolts and red flames. He looks mighty masculine and threatening now. Oooftah.

I did my nails today. And I helped fold laundry. Something productive that you can see! Other than sit still for Bimp. I'm camped out downstairs with Doug in the living room today - looking out the window at our dogwood tree. We keep our Christmas lights on the trunk because we are lazy and it's such a pain to take them off. I am thinking that because my view of this tree is one of the few I see these days, that we should light it up again at night.

Dat's about it. Lots of hugs, kisses and a wave hello. I'm about to watch the Porn documentary. Expect a full report soon.

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