Thursday, March 03, 2011


My first calligraphic tattoo to someday soon live on the chest of a man with a very big beating heart. The whole time I'm tweaking it, I'm thinking, "Is this going to hurt? All this ink? Too much stress? Do I really need all those flourishes? Should I be using a pointed pen instead of a broad edge? Will my client curse me while on the table?

This was wildly fun. :)

And if you're interested in the origins of the quote "Look at the sky: That is for you," here's a link he sent me. Thank you Ray!


Anonymous said...

As a heavily tattooed bastard, I can answer some of your questions!

1. Yes, it will hurt.
2. Yes, all that ink.
3. Stress is part of the process. If it is too much, they will do it in pieces.
4. Yes, you need every flourish. Every detail is worth it. It is part of the experience.
5. Do whatever is necessary to make it right. The tattoo is irrelevant.
6. Probably. But will thank you after it is over.

The pain is temporary.
The discomfort is temporary.
The mark is forever.
The memory is forever
That is what is what it means to get a tattoo, that is it's beauty.

Windsor Grace said...

It will definitely hurt. People always wonder if tattoos hurt and they definitely do, but it goes away and what's left is beauty.