Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Come Again

This is the 4th painting in my Flora series called Come Again. It's the story of my son's premature arrival and rearrival. But not just Anton's, my own in the sense of witnessing the birth of me as a mother, and my rebirth as an artist.

While I would never wish miscarriage on anyone, there was a gift and purpose to it. Of course in the moment it was hard to see. But from a distance, there is grace given you cannot see until you settle down and really listen to what god's telling you.

This woman is still beautiful. She is scarred. And her body remembers everything that happened. She is healing herself. And she's doing it with color and gratitude and anger and grief. All of those thing that make is human and nudge us forward. She has not lost her sense of humor. And one of these days, she's going to find that other blue stocking.

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