Thursday, May 27, 2010


So tomorrow is Friday and on Friday we really fill the garage with stuff. So excited to see what will happen. I had a bad night last night, getting wistful and sentimental, shaking myself back to the promise of change, awareness, the beautiful now. Trying to be grateful for the thrust that brought us here... moving brings up a lot.

But! It will be a wonderful day and MAN I want to be present for it. Made signs to put out and people are already picking up purchases.

For directions and a listing of some of the items we'll have for sale, click here.

We will officially be open for bidness from 8AM to 2PM. But if you've already made an appointment to come Friday or later on Saturday, not to worry. We'll still be here. We just might be asleep or really, really wasted. That might be fun. :)

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