Thursday, October 16, 2008

I promise

Tonight's debate was great!

Though I did not contribute financially to the McCain site by purchasing one of his yard signs, I feel this hand-made version echoes the GOP's belief that I, if given the chance, can turn my own life around and those around me with the positive change and creativity that small government enables.

BUT, this is just an example of the fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans. We've both got the right idea: to improve America with the American Spirit. And it is with that spirit of well-being and love for my country that, if Obama wins the election, I will just as lovingly paint his name, as I did McCain's in celebration of his hard work. I believe they are both good men and deserve the support of the american people, which is part of a cyclical positive energy to which I will contribute. I absolutely refuse to spend the next 4 or 8 years of my life cranky and disgruntled!

Cheers to the winner-to-be.


Anonymous said...

well said my dear....barb

minus five said...

that's exactly how things should be--we'd definitely get more things done and have a better time doing them.

Anne Elser said...

Thank you Ladies! I'm done with throwing darts on Facebook and dodging status update bullets. It's nothing but a pissing match.

Time to go read stories with Anton. :)

Mary Campbell said...

Amen, sister.