Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Be Afraid

I love children deeply but this is really disturbing. Children are too young and innocent to know what they're singing here and to treat any politician as a savior of any kind is so manipulative and frightening. And I'm an optimist, folks. Jesus Camp, Hitler's Youth.... I know this country is in need of something to feel good about but seriously - am I really the only creative who loves children who thinks that this is creepy and misdirected? Sing the praises of the people of this country, of our nation, of our founding fathers or of your god of choice - not one man to save you. Especially a politician! Are we really that broken now? Are we really that lost? Have we really lost that much faith in ourselves? In each other?


Anne Elser said...

And you've just said a whole lot about yourself.

Mary Campbell said...

Anne, you are totally not an idiot...and I couldn't agree more. The link that you have on the blog doesn't actually link, but i searched and found this: puts the video I think you are referring to into context...unbelievable.

minus five said...

i'm surprised they could get that many parental release forms signed.

i guess it is messed up when i look at it another way. i love obama and i love what he's brought to the table, but extremes are always dangerous whether they are right or left. but yes, i do believe we feel lost. more than that, i'm not sure anyone knows what to believe, but they have to believe in something.