Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Love Dexter

Well, we are officially hooked. Hopelessly hooked. Doomed. Forever. We've just finished watching the entire first season and are now into the second. We call them Sode Marathons. What I love most about Dexter is the kernels of truth about life that apply to ALL of us. This truth is laced in between the bloody strands of detail about serial killers. And this one's a good guy. Remember how smart Hannibal was? Only killing the rude or guilty? Dexter's the same way. He deals with loneliness, isolation, and other aches for deeper feeling and meaning in his life, just like we do. So I like this guy cause I see myself in him.

Betcha didn't know I had a dark side, eh?

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heighlo. said...

I LOVE Dexter too!