Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ahhh Chooo!

Well I have nothing clever to say today. Though I am happy, anton and I have been battling colds. After three days of a fever that spiked 104 this morning and three night of little sleep for all of us (yes, I'm dizzy and barely functioning), I took him to the Dr. today. His fever went down again, and he doesn't have any serious infections, though his throat is terribly red and sore. If he doesn't get better in 3 days, we take him back for a recheck. The one benefit from this experience is another chance to seriously bond with Anton. He's never been this sick before. When he feels his worse, he buries his head into your chest and falls asleep there. It is the most heavenly feeling. I relish every whimper and snuggle. He is such a beautiful boy.

He has begun to walk while holding your hands. This is amazing to watch and really fun to see him smile at his own accomplishments.

Other good news, Bjorn's getting better. I walked him yesterday during lunch up and down Peachtree & Bennett and he did really well. Then back in the hallways at school, he walked off-leash with me, never stepping ahead of me. This is a HUGE step. He slept soundly in class and was cheery and obedient the whole day. I am feeling like I can tackle his aggression and make him feel safer around me and therefore safer around Anton. I am feeling like a rock star. I love you BjornMouse!

Mom is keeping Anton tonight so we can get some sleep. I am soooooooo excited.

Dad turns 70 tomorrow and I have this present to give him. My goal is to make him cry. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey that genealogy chart is great I think it will a wonderful gift. Hope you guys get better soon!

Nancy said...

I'll cry.

heighlo. said...

so happy things are working the doggy! I know it is tough trying to figure out what they need. Kudos to you for your extra efforts. Glad you are feeling better.

Anne Elser said...

Thank you Hank, Heighlo and Mom!