Monday, January 21, 2008


Holly suggested I try playing with sculpey. She's a knitter, too and makes buttons to sell to knit shops. She sews them to a card and the knit shop displays them. My finger's still injured from knitting and I'm going through a kind of panic similar to the withdrawal symptoms I experienced when I really quit smoking. My hands need something to DO.

SO I spent the weekend excessively making buttons. Yay for sculpey!


heighlo. said...

love them!

Anonymous said...

hi anne!
love the buttons--i just saw your post about the rug hooking. I have hooked a rug:) or as they call it in the industry--I'm a hooker :)hee-hee.
there used to be a great shop in downtown Roswell that taught classes & sold supplies. I have no idea what the shop was called or if it is still around, but I took a class w/ my mom like back in 97'!
it is easy and fun and nothing like the latch hook type you might have done as an 8-year old (mine was a unicorn) :P
we should plan another craft day...