Saturday, October 20, 2007

Orchid Lace Mitts

I have begun a new project with a luscious yarn from Uruguay. Malabrigo Yarn is hand dyed, hand spun and has the most beautiful irregular texture. It's incredibly soft, but spun irregularly so that you get the most wonderful thicks and thins, which creates a really neat texture in your work.

With this lace weight yarn I'm knitting another pair of fingerless mitts from KnitSpot: Anne Hanson's Orchid Lace Mitts.

I think I have solved Anton's Halloween costume dilemma. Mom and I found a darling outfit from GAP KIDS today. Hat, vest and pants. He looks like either a little immigrant from Ellis Island or Mickey Rooney. I know. I'm crazy. So he's going as his great great grandfather, Martin Anton Petterson Davnes. Going to make him a little satchel to keep his candy in. Man does he look delicious. Yum yum!

Last night he had his first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. He went to bed smacking his lips in pleasure. My sweet boy. I've decided that nothing is better in the world than watching your baby eat a new food and love it. He is an amazing creature.


angie said...

oh man a PBJ! heaven little one, heaven!

robertok said...

PB&J is a favorite of mine, too! Let's get all of you together when he's ready for peanut butter and bananas with martinis. I know, I know, that's at least three years from now.