Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bathing Cousins & Thirsty Runners

So we all had a splendid long weekend up north visiting family we all miss. Doug performed very well in the Chicago Marathon, until the rug got pulled from underneath him and many other runners. They cut the race short because of one death and many hospitalizations. Doug did not get to finish, but feels he could have. Very early in the race, they started running out of water. A record high for Chicago (October in the 80's) it was hot for even the non-runners. We can be thankful more people were not hurt, and sad for the family who lost one of their own. The Chicago Marathon this year was poorly run. I think Doug will try again next year, tho.

We took lots of pictures of our trip. I have none to share from the dramatic race mentioned above, sadly. BUT plenty of you know who.

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