Sunday, August 13, 2006

~:T H I R T Y • O N E • W E E K S:~

This was taken after we had breakfast. Think I ate too much maybe? Bimp loved every bite and kicked to tell me so, the little taster.

So I am fine. Sorry to have worried a few of you after not blogging for a number of days. I had just had enough of everything this week and really took it easy. The computer can be depressing after a while - as can tv, my couch, clutter, dust bunnies, Bjorn bunnies, bjorn turds... stacks of books, paper, ink nibs. Oh, I could go on and on about all the little things I want to straighten up and can't. Patience, Anne. Patience.

But things are fine. So far this weeks gone by without any hitches - that means no alarming calls to the doctor's office. Maybe I was just walking on eggshells, I dunno. We are all fine.

Took our first childbirthing class together last Monday. Had a god time. I was the only previa case there. Hmmph. But our teacher said that around week 3 of the class, many of the previa cases she has have been cleared up by then. So we'll see! We'll go to the specialists next week on Friday for another ultrasound. THIS time we're bringing a VCR tape and will have it transferred digitally so you guys can see the Bimpster moving! Kewell!

I had my first intense experience with Braxton Hicks contractions the other night - a good time to practice breathing. Whoa - they were painful. But went away after an hour when I went to bed.  Felt like really bad cramps and this incredibly tight feeling all across my tummy. Breathe, breathe, breathe, Anne. They say these are designed to give your uterus a practice go for the real thing. They can vary in intensity. If you've been more active or have not had enough water for the day - that can trigger one. So I've been drinking like a fish ever since.

Mom took me to have lunch with my grandmother Nonie on Friday. Being wheeled into an assisted living center was a bit strange. There's my 80-year-0ld grandmother zipping around with her walker busily chatting with her friends and here I am, a 38-year-old lame duck in a fucking wheelchair. Very ironic.

Afterwards, Mom took me to look at silver porringers, baby cups and spoons. I fell apart and broke into tears when I saw them. Really fun to choose patterns and to picture feeding applesauce to Bimp. I think that's what made me cry.

Something I've learned about fear: that it can hinder the progress of your labor. I think that's true in any situation. Fear is designed to bring you to a crossroads. It forces you to make a choice, which is a good thing. My mother told me she became the pain - she rode the pain of labor. When you tighten up and fight it - it hurts more. So I will try to remember that.

I've been working on other knitting and needlework projects this week, so will post some other photos of my progress for you to see soon.




Jason said...

phew! I was thinking about you....Thanks for the post. Good luck with those contractions.

Mary Campbell said...

The thought of painful contractions makes me queasy. I think the whole physical part of pregnancy is what scares me more than anything...and then you have a child. I'll stick with my four-legged stubbon Terrier children for now. Glad you are okay! Hang in there...we'll bring some compressed air for you to enjoy tomorrow.

Doug Elser said...

well i have some insight on labor to share, believe it or not, male though I be. the other week, I had like a 1.5 pound turd, i shit you not if you'll pardon the pun. about as big of a thing as you're ever going to see coming or going from that canal, thank you very much. and i found that if i just read about car repair, it made the contractions much less painful. didn't even have to wipe. i think if most women would apply the same zen to childbirth, while they still might have to wipe, getting to the "flushing" would be a whole lot easier.

Doug Elser said...

did my doodie-tribe render everyone....speechless?

Anne Elser said...

I think so, yes. Prolly.