Friday, August 18, 2006

Here we have a lovely picture of Bjorn and one of the TWELVE (I had the count wrong yesterday), not six bladder stones. This was the largest one they removed. We brought him home today after having lunch with Mom and Dad. Our morning was spent at the OBGYN for another ultrasound. The darn previa is still there. I'll blog (complain) about that later this weekend.

It's been medical week here at the Elser household. Poor Bjorn's been put through the wringer. So has our bank account. I don't even want to tell you how much money we've spent on this little monkey since we first got him. We've got to keep him still (no stairs, no jumping on furniture) for the next 10 days until his staples come out. He's not very happy right now, but is glad to be home, rather than at the vet.

His recovery makes my own bedrest more complicated. He can't use his little doggie door anymore. You should see his belly - all red and shaved and stapled up. It's scary looking. They shaved his arms, too. Looks like he's wearing socks now, which is kinda cute. So I am now reliant on someone coming over to let him out to pee. This means our poor neighbor Tom will be summoned every few hours. So I am once again more dependent. Anything for the Bimpster, though. I just hate asking.

If you're interested in a few more pictures of the Mouse in recovery, go here.

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Mary Campbell said...

wow! those stones look like little hamburgers...and are they the size of the little monkey's head??? Damn, I bet that was painful. Glad he is well and at home again...and tell him that the Elizabethan (sp) collar is tres chic.