Saturday, January 28, 2006

~:K & EMORY:~
Have graduated from Portfolio Center!!! Their folks came to town and the night before, joined Hank at Fratellis down the street. They invited Doug and me to join. We had a great time making each other laugh. Er, um, watching Emory laugh and listening to Hank talk and talk and talk all about the South. I must say that K's father looks like he spit her out. Beautiful. Her Mother's a warm and inviting person. Her Dad was wearing a custom-made shirt which made Doug drool..."Honey, c-can I get one?" We are, sadly, addicted to Good Will, where we buy other people's hand-tailored clothing for reeeel cheeeeep.

Emory's parents were also delightful. Having come from a place where it was under something like UNDER TWENTY degrees, Doug and I looked like fools wrapped up in wool and cashmere, shivering. Emory shares the same mannerisms as her Mom, while her father, too, looks as if he spit her out. It's the same with my father and me. I've read somewhere (in some scientific study of human behavior, etc.) that daughters typically favor their father's likenesses so that their Dads literally will think twice about eating them. How could one eat oneself and feel ok about it, right? Interesting to say the least.

And of course, Hank was a dream guest - who educated us all about world history, the dawn of man, quantum physics, racial segregation, our nation's political history, and why wearing socks is a ridiculous idea. Where would we all be without Hank-ster? Watching TV, I guess. He is a magnificent man. Inspiration to so many people and optimism at WORK. Hank's grounded firmly in the possibility of where one can go and how one can achieve enlightenment. Mostly - how we can share in that experience. I love him as if he were my own.

I got a very good feeling and taste of why these two women are so special. After meeting their parents, I can see how much discipline and love they grew up under. Little girls grow up to be strong women when they know they are loved and are challenged to find themselves. K, Emory and their families are testsment of that fact. Having had these two women as students - they are honest, dependable, hard-working, emotionally generous and very brave souls. They are amoung the very short list of the most emotionally mature students I've had. And to top it off - they're funny. Emory's entertaining and engaging volume of ideas and stories far exceed my own, while K draws you in with the spell of quite contemplation which invites you to listen and absorb her thoughts. I find being in their presence highly addictive and equally so. Probably why they are so find of each other. If you want to find out more about K, read her ever-growing bee-log. And if you want to know more about Emory (who has PROMISED us to start her own bee-log as soon as she's settled into life beyond grad school), ask ANYone at PC, and they'll have lots of stories to tell.

Thanks you to Doug, who also made us laugh - naming the check (the waiter so politely placed in the center of the table at sunrise), a flaming pit a fire - calling our attention - and prompting us to leave. Thank you Doug for taking so many pictures of this fun night. And to K and Emory - sorry we missed your actual graduation - tell us all about it in yer blogsters. And thanks to their parental units for treating us to drinks and chocolate cake.

~Anne (who will miss you)

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k said...

Hi Anne - thanks so, so much for joining us. Your being there made it so special and lovely. We will miss you painfully - you have made such a large positive impact on both of our lives.
Now take that god-awful picture of me off the internet.