Sunday, January 15, 2006

~:B J O R N W O O D:~ Well it looks as if a new season of Deadwood is upon us soon. We here at the Elser household are very, very excited. I got a sneek peak at some of the new cast members to join the group in season three. Remember how I was talking about the softer side of Al? Well it looks as if they've taken it a bit further. Pitter pat and all of that. Looks like BjornMouse is in the hiz-ouse. he he

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SUhles said...

had no idea you were into Deadwood. As part of my continuing service of recommending things to freinds, whether they are interested or not, I think you should check out some Sam Peckinpah movies. The original Western deconstructionist, he made movies that were less about gunfights at high noon than the disappearing West, the price of violence, morality, mortality and bonds severed and restored. I'll have a review of a new box set in Thursday's paper, if you're interested.