Wednesday, November 16, 2005

~:YoWhasSupper Anyone?:~

Before you take a look at the pictures of Doug's birthday party, read his e-mail to our good friends Sharon and Paul. Sharon brought her boyfriend, Paul, for us to meet for the first time to Doug's party. He was lovely. And I suggested to Doug that we set a date for the 4 of us to get together and chat in a more intimate atmosphere. This is what he wrote:

From: doug
Subject: YoWhasSupper anyone?
Date: November 16, 2005 10:56:43 AM EST
To: Sharon, annedavnes, paul

It's the new urban-based theme dinner, taking America's milky-white suburbs by storm, the "YoWhasSupper"! Based on the scientifically-proven fact that white guilt is easily assuaged by the jocular use of ethnic colloquialisms, coupled with a healthy serving of literal and metaphorical soul food, the "YoWhasSupper" can help you, too, reinforce sweeping racial stereotypes....all while "gettin' yo' proper eat on!"

Or, we could all just get together for dinner instead. You know, whatever.

Paul, if you haven't guessed yet, Anne and I think you are just swell. Matter of fact, we've both already decided that group sex is the next logical step. Just let us know what group you want to do that with and we'll be there with a video camera, applause-meter, and metric ruler.

All seriousness aside, let's try to set a date and place. We will be out of town next weekend for Thanksgiving, other than that I will defer to Anne. I have nothing on the books at night for the next few weeks, except sleeping, which I usually reserve for later on in the evening and early morning. So why don't ya'll put something out there and we'll see?

We'd be glad to host you'n's at our place (I'll cook and clean, honey) if you want. Then we could follow dinner with any number of games, such as the ever-popular "hey, is the grill cooled off enough for me to sit on it with my bare ass?" or "let's trade punches on the nose and the first one that requires hospitalization loses" or the more tame "let's all take valium one-at-a-time until someone starts weeping about their childhood."

Well, be in touch!! Thanks so much for coming to my birthday!



Isn't he obnoxiously brilliant?!?!

I love him.

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Tania said...

It's like you won the man lottery, Anne.