Thursday, October 13, 2005

~: P A P I L L O N S :~
Ever since we got Bjorn, our 5.5 lb. Papillon, we've taken him to Papillon Play Days. If ever there was a need to feel good, these play days would do the trick nicely. I've never really liked small dogs, never really liked dogs in general, until we got Bjorn. He's sweet-smelling, sweet-tempered, and can get dicey at times, which keeps things interesting. I love him. And so does my husband, who was just as surprised as I was to love such a small creature.

The first Pap play day was a blast. A real eye-opener. You sit down and chat with all the other pap owners and all of a sudden you're surrounded by more paps who find some kind of nook in your lap and settle in. They all have the same cheery attitude - all smiling. Half the dogs are playing tag with each other and the other half have found laps. It's a giant love-fest.

We went to our most recent Pap Play Day a couple of weekends ago. If you'd like to see all of the fun photos we took of Bjorn and his friends, I've posted them here. All you see once you're there are white tails that blur the landscape - wagging gracefully with happy expectation. And for a few hours, all that is good about this world is in your lap.


k said...

I want to go with you to your next one. Even though Fritz is the best cat in the world, I've been really craving some dog lovin'.

Anne-Davnes said...

You are certainly welcome to come. Expect to be kissed. A lot! Ruff rrruff!