Monday, October 17, 2005

~ : A N N I V E R S A R Y : ~

Our Three-Year Anniversary was this past weekend! Did a lot of celebrating. Eating out, cooking and Doug had some surprises up his sleeve. I woke up the morning of to this little note on the coffee maker. He'd already loaded it and all I had to do was press start. Doug got up early at 4AM just to write these two love letters - one from him and one from Bjorn. He also framed a couple of photos of the two of them for me to use in my studio. Aren't they sweet?We decided not to buy any gifts for each other this year. Instead we cooked and spent our pennies on a very fancy dinner out at Toni's Casa Napoli in Dunwoody. One of our favorite restaurants, it's been there for over 10 years and is cozy, the wait staff practically massage your shoulders before and after your meal...

On our way to the restaurant, Doug booked a surprise massage session for the both of us at The Atlanta School of Massage, also in Dunwoody. OH MY GOD, it was incredible. I had my therapist work on my neck, back, shoulders and jaw. Incredible. I feel like he actually did something and that the session was about actual healing rather than fluff and pampering. So Doug and I were quite relaxed and ready for our dinner. And I was able to open my jaw wider than in inch in months. Amazing! This place was so great. My therapist, MJ, was an instructor there and showed me muscle maps of the body, demonstrating which muscles needed work and showed me exercises I could do for myself to keep everything from getting tight. We will definitely go back there.

To top the weekend off, I made chocolate mousse for the first time in these cute green vintage depression glass goblets. We got a lovely set of them from a friend who collects them as a wedding gift three years ago. Making the mousse was easier than I had anticipated. It took maybe 20 minutes to prepare. Really good timing for me. I'm a neat freak when it comes to cooking and hate making messes. I spend more time cleaning up stages of prep than I do actual stirring! ANYway, it was delicious in the end.

I married Doug knowing that he had the skills to and was willing to develop more sills for making a marriage work. That reason alone has helped us get through all the listening, negotiating and hard work it takes to effectively communicate. He's just not afraid to work hard. His sense of adventure and fun has helped me retain my sense of humor in tough times and his gentleness has comforted me when I deeply needed to be nurtured. When I thank him for any of these gifts, his response is always, " It's part of my job description as the person who loves Anne."

To any single women reading this post - the mate meant for you is the one whose goodness and work ethic is worth rearranging your single life for.


k said...

You have instilled a modicum of hope in me.

Anne Elser said...

Aww. K- the lucky one who gets you will feel like the brother you always wanted.

k said...

Ha! That's awesome. I read your blog right after I had written mine about being lonely, so I was in a selfish mire and ignorantly forgot to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's so great to see super intelligent, super aware, super honest people in a relationship. It's hard to believe that someone as mind-bogglingly awesome as you are was able to find your mate. Three cheers for Doug.

Harpy said...

Doug's the man!

ablebody said...

i'm taking your husband's advice and buying my lady and i a surprise visit to the atl massage center.
to make the animated gif, i opened the jpg in adobe photoshop. cleared the backgrounds of both. made them the exact same size. copied one and pasted it in a new layer over the other. then wheni saved as, i used the compuserve gif option. within that save option is a button for save as animation. also you can say how long in between the cycles and whether it plays in an endless loop or not. i'll stop here before i use up all the bits and bytes on your comments page.

Anne Elser said...

Oh that is soo cool, Matt. Thanks so much for the tip. I'm gonna have fun with this one.

Have fun at the Atlanta School of Massage. My therpaist was MJ, he was an isntructor there and man, did he know what he was doing. Doug said the same thing about his guy.

And don't worry about uding up bits and bytes here - from what I gather, your blog is THE happenin place and I am so jealous that you seem to generate so much traffic. I think it's the power of your lemon head portrait that makes you so intriguing. Oh, and I guess content helps, too. ;)

And to A & K - thanks for the kudos - you made Doug blush. And flex in the mirror.

maryk said...

Happy Anniversary you two!
If you're ever interested in changing the massage people, I have a friend (it's the wife of Scott Warren from Dad's Garage) named Sloane who specializes in TMJ type disorders. She does regular massages on location or in her home, but also works once or twice/week in a dentists' office. Let me know if you ever want her contact info.