Saturday, January 07, 2017

Brush Lettering Class Jan 7/8 has been rescheduled for Jan 21/22 due to inclement weather

Attention Brush Lettering Workshop Registrants!

There will be no Brush Lettering workshop this weekend, at Binders Buckhead
Jan 7/8, 2017 from 11AM-4:30PM, due to inclement weather.

Our makeup dates are two weekends from now: 
Sat/Sun January 21st/22nd from 11AM-4:30PM.

If these dates do not work for you, please contact Preston Ferguson 
( at Binders for a full refund or call 404-237-6331 x 208.

I will be offering this content as a class and another workshop at my Decatur location later in the year. Stay tuned for more details. 

What you’ll need in class: 

• Supplies can be purchased at Binders (with a 10% discount) for anything on the supply list 
you don’t already have. (Please see supply list at the bottom of this email.)

• Please bring a $5 fee payable to the instructor (Anne Elser) the first day of a class, 
lesson or workshop for a printed set of the Exemplar Packet we will be using. This helps cover
the costs of both online storage of the file and cost of printing. 

I also bring them to each class to avoid shipping charges. 

Smaller containers are .50 each and sold in quantities of 12 for $6.00.

Larger containers are $1 each and sold in quantities of 2 for $2.00.


I teach classes and workshops in 4 Atlanta locations:

• Dunwoody
  Spruill Center for the Arts: does not charge for parking available 
  in the side, front or rear of the building. 

• Decatur
  Aikido Decatur: does not charge for parking. Free side street parking 
  available if the parking lot is full. 
  My Home Studio: for private lessons. Free parking in residential lot.  

• Buckhead: There is no charge for parking at the Binders Buckhead 
  location in the Disco Kroger Parking lot. 

• Old Fourth Ward: The Ponce City market complex where Binders 
  is located charges for parking. You may pay for parking at parking 
  kiosks anywhere on the complex. I use smartphone app ParkMobile


I love social media. It’s how many of us found each other, right? 
I’ll be snapping pictures periodically of our time together in class 
and sharing the experience with followers, so if you see yourself, 
please feel free to tag yourself. 
If you do not wish to be photographed, please tell me beforehand.
If you’d like to share the love of what you’re doing in my classes on social media,
use hashtag #madewithanne on Instagram and/or Facebook to keep us all connected. 

Sniffing, Smiling, and Petting:

This is my dog Inga and I bring her to my classes and workshops when I can. 
She will not jump up on you unless you slather yourself with bacon grease.

If you have an dog allergy or phobia, please let me know beforehand (now!) 
so that everyone (this means you) is comfortable. 

Keeping in Touch:
If you'd like to be on my mailing list beyond class, please 

The other thing I'd like you to know, is that I have a Facebook page up 
called the The Atlanta Penablers. I started the group a few years ago 
when Binders first began hosting calligraphy workshops from visiting 
instructors from around the world. In the past we have had weekend 
Yves Letterme, and Bill Kemp, and more!

Checking in on the Penablers Facebook Page is easy and free 
and it's a great way for us to stay connected on a more regular basis.  

Here’s a link to the Calligraphy Spotify Playlist of the inspirational music I often play 
while working and in my classes and workshops.

Calligraphy Suppliers & Links:
Below is where I go to get hard-to-find calligraphy supplies. 
If you see something I’m using and it’s not at Binders, it’s here:

My favorite Pens:
If you’re looking for a hand-turned wooden oblique penholder, 
there are several available at the two stores above. 
My favorites are hand made by Heather Held and her husband Chris. 
Chris turns them and Heather paints them.
Contact Heather if you’d like to commission one. 
My own links:

Thank you very much for signing up for a class or workshop with me. See you soon!


Supply List:
• Mechanical Pencil for drawing guidelines and an eraser

• Sketching Paper: 
* Transparent Layout Paper for practice work.
Suitable Brands: Bienfang Graphics 360 100% Rag Marker Paper, Borden & Riley #100S Smooth Cotton Comp, and Strathmore Layout Bond 400 Series

• Paper for final work:
* Cover weight stock in any color. Arches Watercolor Paper, Canson , Strathmore Artagain Black Pad, and many more are all acceptable brands. 

• Brushes: 
* 2 sizes of brushes: Small and Medium
* Pentel Aquash Water Brushes or Color Brushes or Pocket Brushes. Some of these are already loaded with ink. These are all acceptable. You may choose to use the inks inside, or keep them unloaded, so you can dip them into any ink or paint you so choose. 

• Paint/Inks: 
* Black or Walnut ink of your choice (any brand you enjoy.)
* (optional colored inks) Liquid Acrylic Inks in your favorite colors including one white and one black/dark brown. Suitable brands: Liquitex INK!, Daeler Rowney FW Inks, Dr. Martins Liquid Acrylic Inks. 
* Later in the course we will be creating our own colored inks with watercolor/gouache mixed with gum arabic and water. Windsor and Newton paints are my favorite, but if you’ve other brands you prefer, please feel free to use them. 

• Ruler
• Palette for mixing colors
• Paper Towels: Viva or blue shop towels
• Water Container: to clean your brushes and thin out paint

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