Saturday, February 04, 2017

Private Calligraphy Instruction

Click here for Calligraphy Lessons


Masha said...

Oh,this sounds amazing! I would love to have a calligraphy lesson from you - since I love your calligraphy - but unfortunately I live thousands of miles away - in Bulgaria.

But I'd love to know where I can by this inkwell from.

All best,

Anne Elser said...

The inkwell is called a Petal Pod and I make and sell them through Binders.

Here's a link to the product page:

Anne Elser said...

Hello, Redd0377.

Many of my courses are beginner (both Copperplate and Italic) and it's totally fine for you to begin your lettering journey there, whether you take a class or workshop, though the classes give the beginner a slower intro to the materials and letterform construction, by allowing 6 days of practice time in between each session.

Please feel free to email me more questions if you have them :