Sunday, March 07, 2010


This is Thrust. She's in the Kai Lin Art show called GRACE along with her other 7 siblings. Thrust is a portrait of a lamp Doug found at a garage sale years ago. It's been in our foyer ever since. A great vintage find, this lamp has been bumped, tipped over and broken a few times. I keep gluing it back together and it's still standing.

Its resiliency resembles my own past and its thrust of me into the healing present. No matter how dark your past might be, there is always its gift to help move you forward. Nothing in our lives is wasted. The "good or bad" is offering us a way through and over something.

I'm just now on the other side of my first major thrust into the present. Proof of this is in this painting. I wouldn't have had the energy to spend on it had I still been pondering yesterday.

This painting has already been pre-purchased with "Listener" and chosen as a pair because they make such a good one.


Lisa Holtzman said...

These two paintings, and their significance to you are really great. Congrats on the healing and the selling of your art.

Anne Elser said...

Thanks! Ya know who bought them? Alton Brown!