Sunday, March 21, 2010

GRACE Grand Opening Night

Well. It was amazing and perfect. I sold another piece last night, a book called "You Are Loved" to a man who was looking for a birthday gift for his beloved 80-something mother. I love hearing the story behind why a piece is chosen. I got lots of interesting comments, each enlightening to the maker. Man - art gives in so many ways, over and over again.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. I loved each and every hug. It was truly surreal to be in that space and be a part of something that was dormant in me for so long.

I still can't believe this is just the beginning. "Surrender to grace" is a statement a good friend said to me months ago. And maintaining "an unshakable standard of grace" came from my brother on the other side.

As I walked from the opening to the after party at Aurum, I held Doug's hand in my right and Steven's in my left. I felt like I had two brothers again. I still do.

All photos by Michael Cooke
To see his Flickr page of this event go here.


KAI LIN ART said...

i LOVE this last picture of you and Doug! So much love, joy and happiness!

Anne Elser said...

And I LOVE you, Yu-Kai!

ktothefe said...

ANNE!!! This is fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!! :)