Monday, October 12, 2009

o p e n

Hello World,

I'm painting again. Big time.


Anonymous said...

I see it! Is it sailboat?

Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser said...

Are you pulling my leg or am I really that slow?

Lander Stoddard said...


I'm taking a metal sculpture class.

Are you going to the iron pours down Ellis St.?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know if that would be too obscure or not. Kevin Smith directed a movie called Mallrats years ago ( A running joke in the movie is this guy staring at one of those hidden picture paintings made of colored dots. Everyone can see it - the sailboat - but him.

The paintings are very cool though! Can't wait to see more.

Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser said...

As obscure as that sailboat!

And more ink coming. Thin, luscious layers of oil on masonite. I am sooooo excited.