Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Knitting New Scarves

This new book by Lynne Barr called Knitting New Scarves is AMAZING. What I love most is that the projects are so sculptural and use the most elemental stitches. They are a beautiful mixture of quirkiness and elegance and I'm really eager to begin one. I know this is an excellent book for me because I'm having trouble choosing my first project.

In my own work, when I "made a mistake" by over or under measuring for a book or box, there was always a way to work around the problem and solve it in a unique way. A way in which offered a new and distinctive innovation in my books, a different closing mechanism, a pocket to cover up bumps, a short sheet that became decorative on the spine, etc.

This knitter approaches her knitting classes the same way. Her students come with unique problems in their knitting and poof - she's got a solution for the problem which turns into a variation for another scarf pattern. I tell my students the same thing: "they weren't mistakes; they were opportunities."

And this new way of assessing mistakes, my friends, JUST happens to be part of the road to Enlightenment, too.

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