Friday, August 28, 2009

Harriet's Angel Scarf Completed

This beautiful scarf began early this summer as Debra announced a new presence in the room: a healing angel that I named Harriet. She and I knit together every morning at 5am after I'd brew a thick and foamy cup of coffee for myself and before the rest of the house woke up to take me. It was my time to heal. I'd knit in my cozy kitchen and every stitch was a gift. The yarn came from a generous gift certificate at Knitch that Tina (Anton's godmother and my close friend) gave to me after working on her daughter Sada's wedding calligraphy.

And it's AMAZING to wear. Feathery and lightweight but surprisingly warm.

Pattern details of Harriet's Angel scarf are:
• Cast on 100 - Knit in straight stitch with 6 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in colorway Glacier, double stranded
• Needles: Lantern Moon US7 Rosweood Destiny Circulars (I use circulars just cause I like them, this scarf is not knit in the round, so you can knit in straight needles if you like) and (holy shit these are AMAZING to knit with and make my hands feel so good - even the sound of them sounds like a kiss. Goodbye RSI, I've found healing needles because they rotate at the needle join)
• Crochet an edging of Artyarns Beaded Mohair & Sequins in colorway 1626 all the way around

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minus five said...

that does look super-soft. there's a chick in my al-anon who knits during the meetings. i'm trying to get up the guts to ask her to teach me.