Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harriet's Angel Scarf

On Friday last I had another deeply moving session with Debra. That's a little redundant because they are ALL deeply moving. Bopie was there and took a bit of a back seat to make room for a new presence - an angel, a feminine one, who is new to me. She's a healer. And she'll be with me as I transition into deeper selfhood this summer. 

Bopie did manage to squeeze in that he was proud of me. And that he recognizes who I really am. He sees me. And is there in the car when I get truly inspired and when laughing and singing along with Anton, who sits in the back seat, watching me being happy. This is such a good life. 

So back to the Angel. I'll call her Harriet. Harriet wants to sit with me in the early hours of every day. I used to get up at 5AM each morning when I worked for "the man" as a designer. I carved out this space for myself before anything got hold of me. I really needed it. To claim how I was going to begin my day. I'd shuffle downstairs in the dark, brew a pot of coffee, make a bowl of steaming oatmeal - two cats in my lap, my little dog at my feet and my knitting in my hands. I'd knit for 30 minutes every morning. It was delicious. 

But I stopped all that when Anton was born. My schedule got so crazy and unpredictable - there was no time for anything but teaching Anton how to thrive. Now that he's really GOT it, Harriet reminded me that I am missing that morning ritual. Knitting was like prayer to me. All needlework is. When I do it, I am bursting with joy. It just makes me so happy. And it's always hard to stop once you begin. 

So my very good friend Tina gave me a very healthy gift certificate to Knitch for all the work we did together to create her daughter Sada's wedding invitations, stationary, etc. I've been waiting for the right moment to drive over there and spend my gift. The moment came on Friday with Debra when Harriet told us she was all part of that process and that it was time for me to carve out my mornings again just for me. "Knit a scarf of luxurious materials, each stitch healing yourself, and when it's done and you wrap that beautiful fiber around your neck, you will remember this time in your life, of waking up and claiming your right to be here and to be magnificent." 

Thank you Harriet. Here we go.  

Pattern details of Harriet's Angel scarf are: 
• Cast on 100 - Knit in straight stitch with 6 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in colorway Glacier, double stranded
• Needles: Lantern Moon US7 Rosweood Destiny Circulars (I use circulars just cause I like them, this scarf is not knit in the round, so you can knit in straight needles if you like) and (holy shit these are AMAZING to knit with and make my hands feel so good - even the sound of them sounds like a kiss. Goodbye RSI, I've found healing needles because they rotate at the needle join)
• Crochet an edging of Artyarns Beaded Mohair & Sequins in colorway 1626 all the way around

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