Friday, December 19, 2008

Nest Building

One of the things we bought for Anton at IKEA besides his big-boy-bed and linens, was a set of bookshelves. Raw wood and a snap to install. Making his bedroom the ultimate happy place for him is the key to getting him to sleep on his own. He still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night to come snuggle with us in our bed - which is still quite a yummy treat for us.

Anyway, I shifted the artwork on the walls a little bit to make the shelves sing on the walls. Corner spaces are really fun to design. That big black cursive letter A is actually just black paper temporarily stuck to the wall with double stick tape. Doesn't peel off the paint and is like a mobile wall monogram.


maryk said...

ahhhh, it's not paint!
good idea.

i need to do that. one of these days.


Anne Elser said...

Mary! I will come with a big beautiful H when I visit!

maryk said...


no way!

that would be unbelievably awesome!!!

Anne Elser said...

THAT would be my pleasure!

carewna tekstyliowa said...

oh!it's super room for a litlle boy. You love him very much:)