Friday, December 26, 2008

Gift Review

Well. Doug, Anton and I are sick for Christmas this year, but happy to be up here in Rabun Gap. By the end of the present opening charade, Anton finally "got" the ripping of the wrapping paper down. His Christmas this year was all about trucks and cars and trains. We'll see what he's up to next year, but I have a feeling that this obsession is going to stick for a while, if not for his entire young life. Lightening McQueen is his hero. More pictures to follow.

Our family wasn't the only to get sick in time for the holidays: Mom got some kind of flu as well. So the holiday decor is really at a minimum and this was the first year we did not exchange gifts as adults. It felt strange. Also strange that we got less than half of the Christmas cards we usually get. It feels like everyone cut back in small ways this year and it dampened my spirits. But not enough to prevent me from making my own cards again and my own gifts.

I got several IMs and e-mails from students who made books and boxes for family members this year - so it felt good to at least inspire low-budget, but heartfelt creativity in others this year when everyone is strapped for cash.

So here are a few gifts we got: Doug is sporting a beautiful red wool scarf from Anton's godmother, Tina, and I am wearing a vintage olive wool beret Doug got me from eBay, (God bless the man I married with such awesome taste) and lastly, Anton is wearing THE coolest military cap from The Village Hat Shop dot com that Glo & Peter got him.

Merry Christmas everyone. More pictures to come!

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