Sunday, August 24, 2008

Travel Journal Sketchbooks

Here's one of four sketchbooks I made for Mom for her trip to Italy in a few weeks. She wanted to be able to paint in a more portable medium, so we hacked large sheets of water color paper and coptic bound them in 4 small books. They all open flat and come with a thin elastic band that can hold the book closed as well as a pencil for drawing. The covers were cut up from a vintage children's encyclopedia set. Cute, no?


Nancy said...


they are perfect. Will fit nicely in my purse next the water color set. They open flat so I can do a painting that continues on the next page. Only pray that I am able to switch from Oil to watercolor without frustration prompting stabbing an innocent Italian or your father with the end of the brush.

minus five said...

those look great. tell you mom to bring them back and let us see what she put inside of them.