Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Letter From Mom

Dear Anne and all her blog readers and contributors,

Thank you for the season of meditation on Tommy. Thank you for every comment. I want you to know that although I wasn't able to write I was present every day reading, rereading, returning to the beginning every day. I am not a "support goup" woman. I'm not sure why this helped as most of you did not know him or us but I always have the hope I'll be lead closer to a place of understanding unencumbered by guilt and loss. Every year I think I can get there alone but that comes from some arrogance and pride in the end depriving me of a community of fellow pilgrims. Sure enough, people I have never met offer comfort, wisdom and understanding.

You were a "Forward Day by Day" Lenten meditation. You gave structure to my grief as I moved towards the day of dread.

I am good for another year.

Thank you everyone. Thank you darling daughter.



Anne-Davnes said...

Hey Mom? Forgot to mention how awesome the type is on your outfit.

And I love you for opening up and remaining the wonderful mother you still are to Peter and me, while withstanding grief over Tommy.

Nancy said...

Nonie made that dress for me when I felt fat and nothing pleased me. It was a great pattern with that wide scoop neckline.

Your dress came from Cathy VanWagner. Remember Barbara Anne?

Thank you everyone including all you who pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Not only have you been a wonderful mother to Tommy, Anne and Peter, but a wonderful grandmother to Mia and Anton. What a blessing for them that you were chosen to raise these terrific people.You've touched more lives than you will ever know. As a mother, I don't know if you ever get past the loss, but I do pray for peace from the guilt. You know Tommy's finally at peace and that's what he would want for you. Love from a very lucky niece who is blessed to have a really cool Aunt - Barbara

Anonymous said...

To Anne and Nancy,

I just want to thank you for sharing this deep and difficult experience in such a public venue.

There is something about your strength that comes through in your writing that truly touched me and moved me to tears.

When I was 12 years old I tried to commit suicide. In my young adulthood, I sometimes struggle with the very notion. I can honestly tell you from my heart that reading about your son and brother gives me a sense of understanding of the bigger picture. I find myself thinking about your family and how this has affected and changed all of you. I believe in some ways that we are all messengers of God, and by being open with each other we can change the course of each other's lives. You all are living proof of this. Thank you Thank You Thank You for being strong enough to share this part of you with the world.

Anne-Davnes said...

And I thank YOU, Anon, for posting your response. Makes the sharing of it all more than worthwhile.