Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This post goes out to my sweet Dougie Fresh, who has become physically healthy for the first time in his life. (I hope to follow is lead soon). Just over 2 years ago, he lost over 80 pounds and began running regularly. This new lifestyle really has changed our lives together. He's running in races and now is training for his first marathon. On top of that, he's using the event to raise money for fighting cancer. Below is an e-mail from him with details and a link to the donation site.

Cancer has touched so many of us personally and through the people we know and love. My father is currently battling 2 forms of cancer. He's doing well so far, but it's far from easy and has been a lonnnng, long journey. There's cancer on both sides of my family, so this is something I need to watch out for, too. There have been many victories, though - so there's hope.


Doug Elser, running a Marathon?? Has the world gone mad?

Those who know me best know that I am given to shameless self-promotion. And that's true. On March 25th, I'll take on the ING Georgia Marathon as I run down the streets of Atlanta with nothing chasing me. But I will have the fight against cancer driving me. And although I didn't have to beat cancer to get to the point where I could run 26.2 miles, I did turn my life around health-wise by losing 80 pounds. What that has given me is a newfound perspective on how delicate our health is. I am so blessed to have the health that I now have.

Others don't have that. We all have stories about those we know that have cancer and have either beaten it or died from it. Brent Lunsford, a good friend from high school, was killed by it before he was much north of 25 years. Janet Elser, my father's sister, couldn't beat it and died in her early 50's.

Others I know have been more fortunate. My father-in-law, Tom Dusenberry, has battled two different cancers in the past year. My best friend, Kari Siegel, beat cancer a couple of years ago. And although it makes me smile to know that they will be around for many more years, it's pretty scary to think about what they have gone through.

The strides in cancer treatment over the past many years have made their successes possible. And money makes that happen. Many of you have expressed to me how impressed you are by the accomplishment I'm about to show me the money!

To help me reach my fund-raising goal of $5,000 for the American Cancer Society, please visit my personal page by clicking on the link below...

Help me fight cancer.

Thank you all in advance!


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I did it this afternoon!

Yay Doug!
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kiss your daddy for me.