Sunday, March 05, 2006

~:S E W I N G * S E E D S:~

For some reason, I woke up sad today. Doug even made me a lemon cake and I still felt sad. One of those days where just the thought of one of the things you love to do gives you no amount of pleasure.

I decided to try something new. How about getting up, taking a shower and moving in spite of my sour self? Bjorn agreed. Because Spring peeked its cheery head outside, I decided to begin considering what kinds of spring plants and flowers I wanted this year around our house. This year I want to do it inexpensively. I am notorious for draining my savings on annuals each year. NOT this time!

Last year I planted the greatest, most cooperative little flower called Globe Amaranth. I had the lavender color and they looked spectacular next to zingy green. They also make great cut flowers and are drought tolerant. I had them at my mailbox, in a front yard flower bed and at the side of our house. They lasted FORever and never got tired. When fall came, they turned paper white and still looked lovely. This year I want to do the same - only more colors.

So I went to Home Depot and got one of those little greenhouse kits that will create 72 individual plants within a matter of weeks. Dirt and all - I just added seeds and water and covered the tray. Now I sit and wait (and pray). I spent no more than $10.00 on the kit and 2 packages of seeds. I am so excited!

So how am I feeling now? I still FEEL like crap, but am happier.

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ablebody said...

good idea..... i'm heading to the seed 'n feed ASAP. our camellias (a bush that is no joke 15 feet high) all bloomed and are falling. we need more color. or as the brits say...collourre.