Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well. I've no fun stories to tell other than these latest picts of what's new and cute at our hizouse.

Olaf looking regal with the tip of his tail curled perfectly for my camera.

Gunther sleeping with all fours together, tail included.

Blooming camelias I cut from our back yard. They are the most generous looking flower. And I love it that they brave cooler weather.


maryk said...

Ooooooh!!! 2 of my favorite things. cats and camelias. That sounds gay, right? Right. But I have always loooved camelias, there are a ton of them in Savannah. Those particular ones are my favorites among camelias. The tiered blooms. I also love seldom manicured camelia trees that have blooms all through the tree, inner and outer branches. They're almost gaudy. I met a (crazy) lady at the Righteous Room named Lila, but who went by "Mother" and she reminded me of a crazy crazy camelia bush. In a good way. Weird. I always think of her when i see them. Boy was she crazy.

amy rush said...

If those flowers were at my house, I could take a picture of any one of my three cats eating them....with their tails curled.

maryk said...

anne, i thought of you:

Anne Elser said...

Hysterical, Mary! I have not gone that far yet - other than the Bjorn sweater.