Friday, April 01, 2016

The Calligraphic Painting: Step-By-Step 2-Day Workshop

This workshop shows you, in manageable steps, how to compose your letters into a graphic unit in pencil, transfer the design to a permanent surface, and embellish it with live brushwork, flourishes, and accents. Suitable for calligraphic students who have taken at least one beginning calligraphy broad edge or pointed pen course and for advanced calligraphers as well.

Day one is sketching and practicing day. We focus on creating your design by tracing and retracing your lettering until it feels just right. Then we’ll get comfortable with the brush firstly as a coloring tool, and secondly as an accenting and flourishing tool. You’ll learn to brush with confidence with some standard practice strokes and pressure play - all different techniques for adding live flourishes as opposed to painting in a sketch. We’ll look for opportunities to add flourishes to your design while keeping them simple and elegant. 

Day two is painting day! We begin by applying a background color as an underpainting to your final surface with a broad brush and liquid acrylic inks and then transfering your design to that surface. After transfer, your hard work is done and you fill in your drawing with color, just like you would in a coloring book. We’ll then take one final step to add depth to your painting with accent strokes, shadowing, highlighting,  and more. 

Congratulations. You are now a painter! 

Supply List:

• 1-3 word meaningful phrase/name or one grouping of up to 3 letters

Surface for painting: (no larger than 9 x 12)
* Primed (gessoed) Board (Can be cradled or flat) or 
* Arches 300# Cold or Hot Press Water color paper. 

* Soft/dark: Anything in the B range.
* Hard/light: for detailed work anything in the H range.

* Big eraser  -  Mars Plastic Eraser or any of your choice.
* Small eraser  -  Tuff Stuff eraser stick or Tombow Eraser stick (something small for detailed corrections).

Sketching Paper
* Transparent Layout Paper for sketching and transfering your design.
Suitable Brands: Bienfang Graphics 360 100% Rag Marker Paper, Borden & Riley #100S Smooth Cotton Comp, and Strathmore Layout Bond 400 Series

* 2 Pentel Water Brushes: Small and Medium.
* 1 Liner brush within the size range of 0 - 4.
* 1 or 2 inch Short Flat/Bright (inexpensive) brush for applying base coat/underpainting

* Liquid Acrylic Inks in your favorite colors including one white and one black/dark brown. Suitable brands: Liquitex INK!, Daeler Rowney FW Inks, Dr. Martins 


Palette for mixing colors

Paper Towels: Viva or blue shop towels

Water Container: to clean your brushes and thin out paint

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