Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Cursive Workshop begins tonight with Barbara Calzolari!

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There are still seats open for this week's American Cursive Handwriting workshop with Barbara Calzolari at Binders Art School. I'll be there and am so excited - come sit next to me!!
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Barbara Calzolari is coming back this summer to Binders Art School. Her new workshop, American Cursive with Barbara Calzolari will fill up three weeknight evenings this July: Wednesday – Friday, July 17, 18, & 19 from 5-9PM. We are all so excited to see her again. If you think you know cursive, think again! Cursive handwriting is the skeletal structure of Spencerian. Its history is as profound as any other calligraphic hand and its benefits are numerous.
Last summer we conducted an interview with her and are publishing it yet again. If you’d like to get more of a taste of her profound talent and sensibilities, take her Cursive workshop later this month. I (Anne Elser) will be there – so come sit next to me!! The irony of having a highly talented and poetic Italian Calligrapher come all the way to the states to teach us the beginning of this story is not lost on us! Wouldn’t you rather be led through the experience by a passionate poet like Barbara, instead of trying to revive your dimly lit and dry memories of learning handwriting in grade school? I sure would. :)
American Cursive with Barbara Calzolari: 3 Sessions | Beginner to Intermediate | Price: $190 | Max.18
ARTZ1391 | Wednesday – Friday, July 17 – 19, 5 – 9pm  
This American Cursive workshop with Italian designer Barbara Calzolari will be an all new opportunity to delve into the understanding that simple lines become beautiful letters wherever you envision them to be!
Based on Jenkins alphabets, the six shapes that formed the group of 26 letters are still studied today and used from people that want to achieve a fast elegant and personal way to write. Barbara will share the magnificent lines that turn into letters, and letters that will join together into words.
From lines into words… the capital will complete the rhythm of this beautiful style that from 1791 has been loved from people the world over that are passionate about penmanship.
Complete a page for a letter, a document, or just for everyday messages. Celebrate your new found expressions at the end of class with merriment and presentation of your work!
~Anne, Mary, & George

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