Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Lovely Linen Letters

Good news to share with you today. I am published in the Spring 2013 Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Weddings Issue!

My calligraphic handkerchiefs were hand rolled, stitched, and painted by my two best friends (hands) and made with love. Best birhday present ever. Tomorrow I turn 45! :D

Here's how the article reads:

Handkerchiefs Vows

Writing your own vows? Carry them in a charming fashion by calling on calligrapher Anne Elser to render your words in permanent paint on fabric. Once you and your fiance have finalized your declarations, send them to Elser, who will hand-paint the script onto your own handkerchiefs or ones you select from among her vintage collection. Then, tote the sweet sentiments down the aisle and ensure you won't be at a loss for words come I-do time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!
Congratulations!!! What a terrific honor, right?!? You must be very, very thrilled and excited and who could blame you! Brava!!! I stumbled upon your facebook page via a search for a copperplate ampersand of all things, and I'm happy I did! You go, girl! From a fellow calligrapher up north in Michigan,

Anne Elser said...

Email me for an estimate!