Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Coptic Book & Slipcase Weekend Workshop

Spend a delightful weekend making your own Coptic Bound Book and a custom Slipcase to house and protect it! 

On Saturday we'll make covers and pages for your books out of chipboard covered with imported handmade papers called Washi Paper, then pierce signatures and stitch your pages together using this ancient Egyptian binding technique. The visible spine of the coptic book makes it both sturdy and flexible, therefore, it's an excellent book for drawing and journaling, because it opens entirely flat. 

Sunday we'll spend creating a matching custom slipcase for your books out of chipboard and washi papers, adding both decoration and protection for your book. 

Supplies brought in or purchased by students at the beginning of the workshop:
• Scissors 
• Lineco® bone folder
• Washi Paper (2-3 coordinating sheets)
• Mechanical Pencil & eraser 
• Exacto Knife & blades
• 12 x 18 Self-healing cutting mat
• 18 inch Non-slip metal ruler 
• Stiff & springy kid's craft glue brush or Lineco bookbinding glue brush

Supplies provided by Anne:
• Handouts
• Glue
• Wax Paper
• 2-ply chipboard Covers 
• Merfect measuring tool
• Medium duty Awl
• 8.5 x 11 sheets for book block (pages)
• Piercing cradles

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