Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Case Bound Bookbinding Weekend Workshop!

Seats are still available for this weekend's workshop. Come sit with me and have a blast. I cut all the board and paper for you. Easy and fun. :)

Case-Bound Bookbinding Weekend Workshop with Anne Elser
Sat, Feb. 23 - Sun, Feb. 24 - $190
All Levels
Min 5/Max 10 students.

Spend a delightful weekend making your own Case Bound Book! Learn to make a book block of pierced and folded blank pages that are stitched together and then glued. Create a custom cover and spine with raw chipboard you then cover with imported handmade papers (Washi Paper). Case books are both sturdy and handsome and feature a supported spine, bookmark and headbands. It is the most recognized book type and is built to last on bookshelves for years to come. This functional, decorative work of art makes a great gift for you or someone who would enjoy filling it! We’ll take a break to eat lunch both days and by the end of class, you’ll be very proud of your first Case Bound book. 

Supplies brought in or purchased by student at beginning of class:
• .25" wide ribbon for bookmark
• Scissors 
• Lineco® bone folder
• Washi Paper (2-3 coordinating sheets)
• Mechanical Pencil & eraser 
• Exacto Knife & blades
• 12 x 18 Self-healing cutting mat
• 18 inch Non-slip metal ruler 
• Stiff & springy kid's craft glue brush or Lineco bookbinding glue brush

Supplies provided by Anne:
• Handouts
• Glue
• Wax Paper
• 2-ply chipboard Spine & Covers 
• Merfect measuring tool
• Medium duty Awl
• Paper Tapes
• 8.5 x 11 sheets for book block (pages)
• Piercing cradles

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