Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday Night Advanced Calligraphy Begins in October

Calligraphy 3 Advanced 10/3 (ARTZ1233) 

Calligraphy Three: Advanced Calligraphy with Anne Elser
6 sessions | Advanced Beginner to Intermediate | Price: $190 | Min.5/Max.8 ARTZ1233 | Wed. Oct. 3 - Nov. 7, 6-8:30pm

Calligraphy 3 is an advanced beginner calligraphy class designed for those who have taken Calligraphy 2 & 3 or who already know the fundamentals of any calligraphic hand and are ready for the challenge of applying the words and other elements to the page. Whether you are addressing envelopes, designing a monogram, laying out a certificate, document, or quote of any size, this class will help you understand the concept of hierarchy on a page, drama, stable compositions, and the balance of elements.

You will also be encouraged to take the plunge into the world of flourishing! Experimentation with color inks, gouache, metallics and paper is also encouraged.

Bring in your free spirits and lets have fun!



Mandylynn said...

Hi Anne, I took your calligraphy 2 class about a year or so ago, and LOVED it. Wondering if you anticipate doing a Calligraphy 3 class to start in Nov. or Dec.? Wednesdays are smelly for me, and neeeeed to get a pen fix soon ;) Thanks!

Anne Elser said...

Hi Mandy,

The next Callig 3 class won't begin until March of next year, and it's on a Wednesday night as well.

However, I've got a Holiday Cards and Envelopes Calligraphy Weekend Workshop scheduled for October 27th & 28th. Lots of calligraphy and you might like it!