Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birds & Flourishing Calligraphy Workshop with Bill Kemp

Just a few more seats left for Bill Kemp's Birds & Flourishing Workshop Thursday and Friday of September 13th & 14th!

This workshop is unique in that it's held during the evening, so there's no need to give your whole weekend away. I can't think of a better way to spend a quiet evening with my calligraphic friends. Starbucks is a fews doors down from Binders and you're more than welcome to bring something to snack on for dinner if you're coming from work.

Here are some flourished birds from the IAMPETH site. I've always wanted solid and hands-on instruction on how to make these guys and this will be my first chance to do so. Come sit next to me!


Very exciting news Inkers! The Art School at Binders is bringing calligrapher Bill Kemp to Atlanta this Fall for a two-evening workshop called Flourishing and Birds with Pointed Pen on September 13 - 14, 2012 from 6-10PM. Woo hoo!

We are THRILLED to have him here!

To see more examples of flourished birds, click here.
To read more about Bill and his work, click here.

Below are all the juicy workshop details. I will be there, so scoot on over and sit with me!

If you have any trouble signing up on line, contact Jacob Gunter at Jacob@Bindersart.com.

Flourishing Bird Pntd Pen 9/13 (ARTZ1230)
Flourishing & Birds with Pointed Pen with Bill Kemp
2 Evening Sessions | All Levels | Price: $130 (includes book) | Min. 8 / Max. 16
ARTZ1230 | Thurs. & Fri. Sept. 13 & 14, 6-10pm
Please note that there are no refunds after the August 27th registration deadline
This two session evening workshop covers techniques for using the pointed pen to flourish. Learning basic compound curves and expanding on them to create beautiful flourishes.

The flourishes are balanced shades of thick and thin lines, building on the contrast of the background and your pen strokes. There is no lettering taught in this class, but examples of combining the flourishes with letters will be demonstrated. A comprehensive workbook is part of the workshop for the students to continue to study this art form.

For more information about this instructor and supply lists, please see Instructor Bios & Supply Lists in the menu to right, under Art School at BINDERS.

By enrolling in this course you certify that you have read and understand The Art School Policies and Registration procedures located in the menu to right, under Art School at BINDERS.


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