Friday, January 07, 2011

New Calligraphy Sample Book

I had a powerful epiphany recently about how to present my new envelopes styles. Many stationers who showcase calligraphic envelope addressing style like to show their clients actual envelopes. These are useful because you can hold them in your hands, feel the texture of the ink sitting on the paper's surface and you can easily imagine how wonderful it would be to see and feel your name or your guests names written so beautifully.

Dang, that was a long sentence.

It occurred to me that I could stitch a family of envelopes together just like a book. So instead of signatures sewn together, I'd treat each envelope as a signature itself.

I am going to make a healthy handful of these and mail them across the country. I've never seen anything like it! And I think they'll be a hit.

While searching for addresses, I thought I'd put an intellectually romantic spin on the vlopes by using addresses many of our beloved artists, writers and actors used to have. They're all in NYC. Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Marc Chagall, Cary Grant... the list goes on. I had to guess on many of the zip codes, so if you're a native New Yorker and are offended, correct me please.

The extra flourishes you see on the James Dean envelope bumps the price from $3.40 to $4.oo. But they are worth it. I swear, the last batch of xmas cards I made were a big hit. No one wanted to throw the envelopes away. There's nothing quite like seeing your own name singing on the page. Light as a feather, free spirited ink - dancing on the page. Liquid love.

To see all the pictures, go here to my calligraphy portfolio page.


Masha said...

This is truly beautiful! I'm sure it will be a hit! And you've chosen an amazing colour palette - I really enjoy it.

adrianne said...

I've been following your blog for a while and I couldn't resist but comment here, Anne. This envelope book is gorgeous! If I received this, I'd keep it forever. (Especially if it included my own name and address on it!)