Sunday, May 17, 2009

Polishing Silver

I used to think that by leaving all my silver out made me look like a good daughter and granddaughter because it meant I had the time and inclination to polish it regularly and that I appreciated the gift (my family is BIG into gifting engraved silver.) 

Recently I looked at all the tarnished silver in my house and realized it just wasn't my style. I like COLOR and chunky pottery. I like ceramics and vintage teals and oranges and enamelware. So I put all the silver away and brought out the stuff I love the most. It's empowering to redecorate your home without any ghosts of shame and guilt trailing you into a decision that wasn't yours in the first place. 

Here's just a small example of the changes I've made to my home. Each one a step closer to the real Anne. 

I love you, God. 

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