Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Polymer Clay Shawl Closures

Hallo friends,

After selling my polymer clay buttons to Knitch, I've decided to try my hand at making shawl closures. They're made of 2 parts a stick that goes into a thing with a hole (sometimes it's just the stick that can do it by itself). That sounds really graphic, I know.
I tried making both parts out of polymer clay, but the stick part is too thin to be made out of the clay. So I've bought dowel rods and bamboo skewers and plan on painting them and then sticking one end with a polymer clay bead that matches. Here are pictures of my efforts. Having a blast here. I think next I'll move onto making hand-painted knitting needles. Weeee!


Anonymous said...

hey, do you sleep? barb

Anne Elser said...

I hate to tell you but YES. I take naps with Anton. I just can't sit still when I'm awake!