Sunday, March 30, 2008


Mom snapped this photo of Dad (Baba) and Anton (Hunny Bunny). Had a fabulous 5 days up in Rabun Gap. I got an incredible amount of work done last week up there and am flying high on the satisfying coast productivity provides. I finished 5 syllabi for Spring quarter at PC. Made a new batch of buttons for Knitch. Finished a calligraphy job. We've also weened Anton off of his daytime nap bottle. He can fall asleep without it just fine now. Tonight I got him to sleep in his crib and not in my arms (well, it was actually a mixture of both!) These developmental milestones are a wonder to watch and take part of. I have not mourned the changes yet, but instead celebrate the new skills learned.

I came home to Spring today. Dougie Fresh cleaned up the yard, trimmed around the fence, raked, mowed, mulched and swept. Since we got rain while I was gone, the lawn is actually green again. Dogwoods blooming. Hostas peeking out of the earth. Lilies growing tall. And all the stuff I planted last year from seed that I thought the drought had killed is coming back. It's thrilling!

This weekend I'll clean out the back porch and sew seeds I harvested from last year's annuals again for the warm season upon us.

I love spring. I love my life. I feel just like those hostas - peeking green life from within winter's bed of straw.

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