Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mom had an opening Friday night - her first in a long while since I got sick and Dad's battle with cancer. Dad pushed her to do it - to do something for herself. She sent this fab photo of herself (she's in the middle) and her work. I'm posting it to brag and
to encourage her
to get back on the painting wagon. She's an amazing person with incredible grace and energy and, in my opinion, the best mother on the planet. Love you mom!

More of her work can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you darling daughter. You are my best fan.

i love you,

Mary Campbell said...

Your mom rocks! Tell her to keep up the awesome work and big congrats to getting back on (and staying on) the painting wagon :-)

Anne Elser said...

tanks mary!

Mo said...

the BEST aunt too! so glad to see her work on display. and man, she looks great! love the new hair do. what an inspiration, we'll have fun in Vermont!

maryk said...

she does look great!